All clinical social workers in the U.S. must obtain a license for the state where they practice, but educational requirements and other criteria vary by location. At SocialWorkLicensure.org, we offer detailed information about licensing requirements for social workers anywhere in the country. Our state-specific guides answer questions about postgraduate training, licensing exams, and other key components of the licensure process.

This site provides other resources for social work students and current professionals. Our college guides break down tuition costs, degree fields and concentrations, and core coursework for social work majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our career guides discuss salary expectations and professional organizations, and visitors can also read interviews with experienced social workers.

Our goal is to assist aspiring social workers during every step of their academic and professional journeys. Anyone may access the guides and other resources on SocialWorkLicensure.org free of charge. Although visitors may provide contact information to some of our sponsor schools, we never require you to disclose any personal details.

How It Works

SocialWorkLicensure.org provides students with information about different degrees and programs in order to match them with certain schools. Our site generates revenue by advertising social work programs at certain colleges and universities, which pay us for student referrals. We may receive compensation whenever a visitor uses our program search tool or interacts with advertisements located throughout the site.

We are committed to full transparency. To minimize confusion for our readers, we have clearly labeled all advertisements in order to differentiate them from our unbiased editorial content. Every guide and ranking on SocialWorkLicensure.org is free to access for all visitors, whether or not they request information about certain programs.


How long have you been in operation?

SocialWorkLicensure.org was founded in 2011.

Do you only offer resources on social work degree programs?

No, we offer a variety of resources for both current and prospective social workers. On SocialWorkLicensure.org, you’ll find guides detailing licensing requirements by state, social work concentrations and career paths, recent articles from the social work community, and more.

What makes you an expert in social work?

Since 2011, we’ve been dedicated to assisting those interested in earning their social work license. While researching our state licensure guides, we go directly to the sites of each state’s licensing body to amass the information, and then break it down into a more digestible format for our readers. We also feature interviews from licensed social workers who want to share their story and give advice to social work students and graduates navigating the licensure process.

How do people use your resources?

Universities and colleges will often share our resources with their students, especially social work departments whose students are likely interested in licensure. The University of Missouri School of Social Work and Michigan State University School of Social Work both referenced our work on their sites. In addition, school districts and high schools like Marmaduke School District have mentioned SocialWorkLicensure.org on their websites for their students thinking about college. Last but not least, organizations and individuals that recognize the value of social work often spread the word about our guides with their supporters: Oregon State Hospital of Mental Health and A Woman’s Way to Recovery, to name a few. We do the research, but we need your help reaching the people most interested in our work!

Do you offer social work degree programs?

No, we do not. Instead, through creating helpful resources, we hope to make navigating the social work field and licensure requirements as easy as possible. In addition, our social work degree guides and list of the most affordable master’s programs help students identify the best course of study for them.

Do you have an advertising policy?

We are affiliated with sponsored schools that may pay us for our services. These schools are advertised across all of our pages as “Sponsored” or “Featured.” When users fill out a form to request more information about one of these schools, we are compensated.

Who writes SocialWorkLicensure.org

The editorial team at SocialWorkLicensure.org is made up of professionals in the industry who are passionate about sharing information and resources for students interested in pursuing a career and gaining licensure to practice in this high-need field.

Where do you get the research for your articles?

Information and statistics used on our site come from government databases and professional social work organizations. Information regarding state licensure requirements has been collected from individual state licensing board websites. Career information, including salary figures and job growth projects, is typically sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We update our pages routinely and try to provide users with the most recent information regarding social work licensure requirements; however, we encourage readers to check with their own state’s licensing body to ensure that this information is up to date and accurate.

Can I share your information on my site?

Yes, the content on our site is always free to use and share. All that we ask is that you include a link to SocialWorkLicensure.org when referencing our work.

How to Reach Us

We would like to hear your feedback. If you have any comments or tips on how we can improve our site, please contact us at contact@support.socialworklicensure.org.